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Thursday February 25

Abstract: The statement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria released on February 22, 2016 following meetings
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The least we can do is to prevent Assad from using reconstruction funds to re-consolidate its authority. Must read… https://t.co/jGihTnI9vW
I think the worst assumption we can make is to believe that Assad is too eager to work with his neighbors. https://t.co/E8ZwdnGynX
@ThomasPierret .. will to swollow Idlib. Ahrar was simply too structurally weak to resist.
In recent weeks, the so-called Islamic State has suffered a string of defeats in eastern…
Thursday October 05
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Executive Summary Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), exemplifies how international extremist jihadi organizations, such as Al…
Friday July 14
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"This special report was published byMiddle East Institute , in collaboration with Omran for Strategic…
Monday July 03
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In recent weeks Daraa has witnessed the most intense clashes and aerial bombardments it has…
Saturday June 24
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