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Friday July 01

Executive Summary Omran for Strategic Studies conducted a survey of the local councils operating in areas under
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بشار الأسد يظهر في كلمته الأخيرة بصورة السفاح المختال بين أكوام جثث ضحاياه في حضرة مجزرة الكيماوي وعلى مرأى ومسمع... https://t.co/NO6C8C2OcW
في غمرة الحديث عن إعادة تأهيل الأسد ونظامه في سياق أي حل سياسي قادم كاد يغيب عن الأذهان أنه متهم بجرائم حرب مما... https://t.co/8gDsYrBDA5
Executive Summary Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), exemplifies how international extremist jihadi organizations, such as Al…
Friday July 14
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"This special report was published byMiddle East Institute , in collaboration with Omran for Strategic…
Monday July 03
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In recent weeks Daraa has witnessed the most intense clashes and aerial bombardments it has…
Saturday June 24
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Executive Summary The de-escalation zones from the latest Astana meeting on Syria aimed to freeze…
Tuesday June 13
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